Friday, March 26, 2010

Mary Lou

Man, March is not shaping up to be the hopeful Springtime rejuvenation month it's supposed to be. Our local chapter of RWA, Yosemite Romance Writers, lost one of our members, Mary Lou McCaffrey last week. Such a shame and so quick. It was a big shock to us all. You could always count on Mary Lou to something thought provoking at the meetings and I recall laughing on more than one occasion at her sense of humor. She was a generous and gracious hostess, but most of all, she believed in and pursued her writing. May wwe all learn something from her devotion to her craft and kindness to her fellow writers. Slainte Mary Lou


Sandy M said...

Hear, hear, Donna. MaryLou was a terrific asset to our chapter and she will be sorely missed as we plug along now. All of us can only aspire to have the long and fruitful life she had.

Micole Black said...

Yes. She will be missed!

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