Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dick Francis

I saw something that saddened me today. I usually stay away from the news for that very reason...too much ugly out in the world. But there's the drawback that by avoiding the news, I miss out on knowing things right away. Such as the fact that one of my favorite authors passed away on Sunday.

Dick Francis was a great author, always building his fiction around the world of horse racing. I always learned something when reading one of his novels. Not only did he provide an escape from reality, a true journey of fantasy, great entertainment, but he gifted me with knowledge that I did not have before reading his book.

I am very sad that we have lost such a great man and novelist but very grateful that we still have so much of him left in all of his works. Many good thoughts and peace to all who loved him.


Sally said...

Geez... I should read your blog more often. I didn't know he passed away. I've read most of his books over the years and enjoyed them so much.

Donna O'Brien said...

I didn't know it right away either. Great author. Big loss.

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