Friday, June 10, 2011

Happily Ever After...Revisited

So some more great news...I know, can you stand it? My daughter, Melinda, has started doing book reviews.(Yes, my family LOVES all things book related!) She reviews for a couple of sites (The Romance Reviews and Coffee and Romance). She's also started her own blog and has posted a couple of reviews, including one for Soul Reborn by Jean Murray, a Crescent Moon Press publication! Check it out, she gives Jean and the first book in Murray's series revolving around ancient Egyptian mythology, a great and well-deserved review! Five slippers! (She reviews by glass slippers...too cute!) So add her blog to your list and and follow the other sites listed above to check out some of her other reviews.

Great job Mel!

For the rest of us...may the muse bless us with great inspiration so that we write many books for her to review!



Hildie McQueen said...

Never thought about reviewing books, it's a hard task. Best of luck to her! I am following!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is awesome. I feel so honored that she selected my book, Soul Reborn, to review. She is going to do great in this business. Thanks for mentioned my book in your blog. I'm typing furiously on the second installment. :-)
Jean Murray

Donna O'Brien said...

@ Hildie -- Thanks for the good wishes and comment!
@ Jean -- You better be furiously typing...we are all waiting, not so patiently! :D

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