Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interview at Micole's Blog!

I've been interviewed by my wonderful friend, Micole who came up with different questions and hopefully I came up with different information. So it's not the same old, same old. So stop by Micole Writes Romance and see what I have to say about Crescent Moon Press, submissions and a contest that Micole and I came up with for three lucky authors. :D

I will also be leaving for LA at the end of the month to go the RT Convention where I will be speaking on an editor's panel with the wonderful Judi McCoy, a multi-published author, of course at least once with CMP, and the new COO of CMP. I will also be hosting a publisher's spotlight for CMP on the 6th as well as taking author pitches. Woot woot!! It's going to a blast!  

So that said, I'd better get back to work and get some more editing and reading done!! Then maybe some writing! :D

Wherever you and are and whatever you're doing...may the muse find you! Keep writing!


Donna O'Brien, Acquisitions Editor

Donna O'Brien, Author


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