Thursday, April 1, 2010

Much Muchier...More Muchness??

***Spoiler Alert*** You guessed it, I've been to see Alice in Underland...yes, Underland, she pronounced it wrong the last time she was there. But the kid was what, like eight? So we'll give her a break.

My point? I was truly capitivated by all of the characters but utterly intrigued by the fact that because Alice had grown up, she'd lost a lot of her "muchness". She was "much muchier" last time around. Was this muchness her ability to believe in Wonderland and/or her destiny, something only the hatter could see inside her, or simply part of her childhood that made her THE Alice? Perhaps, only the delicious Mr. Depp's character could truly answer that question...yes, I believe he was delicious even in his hatter makeup!

It's my opinion that her muchness was not just her imagination but her own freedom to believe in herself and in her ability to make her own destiny in or out of Underland. And Alice...she kicked ass! The only thing missing from the movie was a certain drunken pirate at the end. (Or he didn't have to be drunk or even a pirate, he could have been a sober sailor, but the hatter/Depp should have been in the end somewhere as she sails off!! I'm just saying...) Okay, ahem...end of rant.

Everyone has the freedom to believe in their muchness, their ability to take control of their own life and pursue their dreams and fight their own it is that needs fighting. But do we do it?

Writing is a big jabberwocky! Anyone who takes on writing a manuscript and sticks with are a slayer! [I'm including myself, thank you very much. ;-)] You put yourself and muchness out there for everyone to see and that takes guts.

So pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. If you write, keep writing and writing, believe in yourself, and always, always, be as muchier as you can be!




Micole Black said...

Hey Donna!!!! I love, love, love your blog background! It's awesome! I'm so happy to see you blogging! I loved Alice and Wonderland, Johnny Depp and the whole thing!!! Great blog!



Donna O'Brien said...

Thanks Micole!! It took me forever to find a background I really liked. I've come to discover that there's something cathartic about blogging. At least I'm not waiting a year or so in between them anymore. LOL Thanks for visiting!

Sally said...

Ha.... I LOVE it! And completely agree... where was the pirate ship at the end... totally felt like it should be there!

Donna O'Brien said...

I know, right? I half-expected her boat to be named the Black Pearl instead of the Wanderer.

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